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I haven’t been doing too good..I haven’t had a public interaction in almost 3 months. I cried last night at a friends house and..for the first time I confessed that I’m not ok. I never have been. I’ve been sitting here, a ticking time bomb. I never replaced self harm I just stopped. I’ve been getting more and more depressed and my friends can actually tell..I only ate half a cookie and popcorn yesterday..i didn’t even want to drink..I’m still not hungry but I promised id eat when k get home..I don’t know what to do anymore..i know what I should do..but its scary because I still can’t cope..for once I’m afraid for myself..I don’t want to die. I have plans. I can’t. I just don’t don’t know what to do. #triggerwarning #depression #relapse #selfharm #teamrecovery #help #blithe #hives #suicide #ed #ednos

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